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Dr Jan Ardui
Private Obstetrics and Gynaecology in South-West Sydney

Providing Care in The George Centre and Campbelltown Public Hospital



Private Gynaecology

Jan Ardui offers general gynaecology services including investigation and treatment for abnormal uterine bleeding, heavy bleeding, post menopausal bleeding, pelvic pain and endometriosis, abnormal cervical screening test, contraceptive care, family planning.


Private Obstetrics

Jan Ardui provides high quality respectful women centred care with a strong emphasis on choice. He supports women and their babies as a private obstetrician in both The George Centre in Glenwood Hills (planned birth) and Campbelltown Public Hospital. He has a special interest in ultrasound and high risk obstetrics including twin pregnancy, vaginal birth after c-section, patients with a history of recurrence pregnancy loss,  preterm birth and more.

Patient Info

Private Obstetrics Fees

We have different fees for private patients birthing in the public hospital and the private hospital. Patients can opt to have antenatal care and/or birth care. Fees are also different for patients where their pregnancy is covered by a health fund. More information can be obtained at your first visit.

Private Gynaecology Fees

Fees are dependent on procedure and coverage by your health fund and medicare. Enquire with our receptionist staff for more details. 
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